Nourish your body with clean, natural ingredients

At Primal Paddock, we source locally produced wholesome, fresh ingredients and have carefully crafted our recipes to ensure you and your family get the most nutrition from every serve.

Our Beef Marrow Bone Broth and Tallow are made from Australian 100% Grass Fed Beef grown on the beautiful Darling Downs, free from any added growth hormones and antibiotics. Grass fed beef is renowned for containing significantly higher antioxidants, healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals than grain fed beef, helping you to feel your best.

Real nutrition, real quick

We’ve taken the time to create convenient, ready-to-use products so that you can achieve a healthy lifestyle, even when your busy life gets in the way.

Packed with healing anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties, our delicious hearty beef bone broth can be enjoyed instantly by simply adding 2 teaspoons (8g) to a cup of hot water or used in your cooking for 100% real flavour.

Natures energy boost

Tallow is a natural and healthy fat which provides an excellent source of energy with no nasty additives. Natural saturated and monosaturated fats have been found to help lower the risk of heart disease and aid in weight loss amongst a variety of other health benefits.

More goodness, less waste

We believe in getting back to basics, bringing back traditional, healthy cooking methods with a commitment to nose to tail eating. Not only does eating the whole animal reduce food waste, it also generates enormous health benefits found in parts of the animal that are often undesirable.