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Hayley - The Pocket Rocket


Rocket Personal Training and Group Fitness proprietor Hayley Jaeger is a highly motivated and professional fitness trainer who is also studying a Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine.

Hayley also attains qualifications and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Level 1 and 2 Advanced Kettle Bells Trainers Course
  • Working with Children Card
  • Level 1 Weights on Swiss Ball Certificate
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Course
  • First Aid and CPR Certificate
  • Level Zero General Coaching Principles
  • Certificate III in Group Fitness and Training
  • Certificate IV in Personal Training
  • Level 1 Zuu Trainers Course
  • Level 1 Ankorr Trainers Course

Nicknamed the Pocket Rocket for her high-energy, and never stop vibe, Hayley is highly regarded as someone who cares about the results you get as much if not more, than you do. She has a passion for seeing you achieve your best and will personalise a program for you and then push you to achieve it.




Renee is relatively fresh to the fitness industry and brings with her an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. She is currently working towards obtaining a bachelor of sports and exercise science degree while juggling family life with 2 young children. Renee is passionate about setting goals and challenging the limits to achieve them. She will  work with you to achieve your goals in a fun but hard-working environment. Renee is excited to not only gain knowledge from her studies but also from everyone she meets and works with.

A little progress each day adds up to big results.


What We Offer

Our Training Programs include:

  • One on One Personalised Programs
  • Small Group Training Sessions, with up to 8 people per group
  • Nutrition Advice and guidance
  • Start-up Packages for those looking to ease there way back into things
  • 30min, 45min or 60min sessions tailored to your individual or group goals and needs

Male, Female and Mixed Group Fitness Sessions

We offers you the choice of attending all female, all male or mixed group fitness sessions under the one roof. The number of participants per session is limited up to 8 people to ensure that everyone receives one on one time with the trainer if required.

One on One Fitness Training

Personal training sessions are great if you are looking for a fitness regime specifically designed to suit your goals and needs. Rocket Personal Training and Group Fitness offers personal training programs that will work for you no matter how busy you may be.

Open Gym training allows you to come in and write your own session, and work through it yourself outside of the group training, as well as attending any of our group classes outlined in the Group Class Timetable (below).


There are several different membership levels available to suit your needs:

  • BASE Level
  • ____
  • $50/per week
  • Open Gym training
    (between 5am – 7am and 3pm – 7pm)
  • Any of our Group Classes
  • ____

  • ____
  • $75/per week
  • Open Gym training
    (between 5am – 7am and 3pm – 7pm)
  • Any of our Group Classes
  • PLUS 1 x 45min PT weekly
  • ____

  • ADVANCED Level
  • ____
  • $100/per week
  • Open Gym training
    (between 5am – 7am and 3pm – 7pm)
  • Any of our Group Classes
  • PLUS 2 x 45min PT weekly
  • ____


Monday 6pm – Hybrid

Hybrid is a high intensity, fast paced session that combines the use of boxing and kettle bells and is bound to get you hot and sweaty in a short space of time.

Tuesday 5.30am – Strength

Build strength and power all while stripping fat. With a focus on strength and conditioning, this session is designed to help you focus on improving your muscle mass and increasing bone density.

Wednesday 6pm – HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training. This session is designed to get you working at full capacity over the duration of the session. With a focus on working the body at maximum capacity in small bursts with minimal rest it will help increase your cardio-vascular endurance in no time at all.

Thursday 5.30am – Kettle Bells

Gain muscular endurance, strength and power while being taught the safe and effective movements of kettle bell training. Kettle bells are designed to help increase your overall strengths in a functional movement pattern.

Friday 6pm – Boxing

Finish your week with a BANG!! Let loose and punch out your frustration before you hit the weekend. This class is a great way to end your week and leave you feeling hot, sweaty and exhausted.

Saturday 8am – Pilates

Unwind for the weekend and come join in for some core strength and conditioning. Minimal impact and low intensity. Great for those with back pain, post pregnancy and rehabilitation.

Pricing Structure for Training

30 minute Sessions

1on1 – Personal Session $40.00
2on1 – Small Group $22.50 p/p
3on1 – Small Group $17.50 p/p

45 minute Sessions

1on1 – Personal Session $50.00
2on1 – Small Group $30.00 p/p
3on1 – Small Group $22.50 p/p
4on1 – Small Group $17.50 p/p
5 + – Small Group $15.00 p/p

60 minute Sessions

1on1 – Personal Session $80.00
2on1 – Group Session $40.00 p/p
3on1 – Group Session $30.00 p/p
4on1 – Group Session $25.00 p/p
5 + – Group Session $20.00 p/p

Personal and Group Training Sessions Bulk Buy

10 x 30min $350.00
10 x 45min $450.00
20 x 30min $700.00
20 x 45min $900.00

Pricing Structure for Nutrition

Nutrition Consultation

Consult $50.00

  • 45min + weigh and measure

Consult + 6wks monitoring and guidance $75.00

  • 45min + weigh and measure
  • Contacted support and guidance
  • Final review, weigh and measure

Start-Up Pack

3 x 30min Personal Sessions $150.00

  • + Nutrition Consult

3 x 30min Personal Sessions $180.00

  • + Nutrition Consult and monitoring

3 x 45min Personal Sessions $200.00

  • + Nutrition Consult

3 x 45min Personal Sessions $230.00

  • + Nutrition Consult and monitoring

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